Thursday, November 20, 2008

LOVE: The Puppy Cam

While I was slightly hesitant at first, I have officially fallen in love with the puppy cam. After my roommate had this on for about 78 straight hours, I finally checked it out and I don't think it has come off my screen since. Yes, watching someone elses puppies for hours on end is slightly creepy...they are just so freakin' cute!!!! and the 20,000 plus viewers a day aren't all creepy losers right?

LOVE: Uggs

So its true Uggs are so 5 years ago, but I still cannot get over them. A work collegue recently wrote a blog entry about how much he hate girls who were Uggs, but I say he is just jealous. I have been to many outdoor winter events where my toes have been perfectly toasty in my Uggs while my male counter parts feet are freezing in their "visually appealing" sneakers.

True, Uggs do make every girl look like she has cankles but I say who cares when it's 8 a.m. on a December morning and you are just running down the street to Dunkin and don't want cold feet. And while it may sound vain, the fact that Uggs are expensive in my mind makes wearing them totally justifiable. (like Juicy Couture track suits, in what other situation is wearing velour socially acceptable?)

That being said there are some points I will agree with my nameless male co-worker on and some rules which should govern the wearing of Uggs:
1. Under no circumstances should Uggs EVER be worn with a skirt or shorts
2. If you live in a climate where the temp never reaches below 50 even at night, you have no need to wear Uggs
3. DO NOT tuck your Uggs into you bootcut jeans, get skinny jeans or wear sweats
4. Knock off Uggs are a no-no and make you look both cheap and like you have fat ankles

So this winter enjoy your warm feet ladies and be sure to laugh at all the boys with frostbiten toes! :)