Saturday, January 3, 2009

HATE: The New Year's Resolution People at the Gym

This will probably be a series of thing I hate about gyms in general, but as my first post of the New Year is definitely directed at those people who "resolve" to take up precious treadmill space during the first month of each year.

The only thing I do at my gym is run and tan. That's it! I run 5 miles, walk a half mile then tan. During the year I have established a perfect schedule: Leave my house at 8, get to the gym by 8:15 and go directly to the last treadmill in the back row (it's my favorite because 1. its on the end and thus only one person can run next to you if it's crowed and 2. it's in the back so none of the creepy meatheads at my NJ gym can stare at my ass), treadmill until 9, tan until 9:15, home by 9:30. We'll on this second day of the New Year, these "people" have totally messed up my schedule. Because the gym was so crowed I couldn't find a parking space, by the time I finally found one (which required me to walk way further than I like, in the cold) it was 8:20 (schedule officially off), after waiting in a long like to swipe my card in, I was horrified to find that almost all the treadmills where taken (by people I have never seen before WALKING about .25 miles an hour) including my coveted back row end one! I was forced to take a middle-row machine in between two disgusting sweaty smelly people. And after this whole ordeal i didn't get home until almost 10!

Now don't get me wrong I applaud people trying to better themselves and exercise is definitely a great thing in today's overweight society, but what really gets me is that these people will completely disappear from the gym universe in about one month (and that's probably being generous). So inevitably, each year these people inconvenience the regular gym goers, screw up their schedules, and take up valuable space all for what reason? In one month, they will probably have lost a total of 2 lbs (at the minimal rate they walk), which I can guarantee you will be gained back in a week, and they will have spent about a grand on a year long membership contract they will never use!

So think, long and hard when you are resolving to get in shape this year. If you don't have the will power to do it all year long, why bother? Sit on stay home in your warm house, save your money and don't inconvenience those of us who actually like being healthy.