Wednesday, February 4, 2009

HATE: Couples Who Work Out Together

Since I haven't updated in a long time I have multiple posts to get out of the way, so lets get to it. In keeping with my gym theme: I hate couples who work out together at the gym. I understand why it might be convenient for a couple that lives together to carpool to the gym, the whole gas is expensive bs. Got it! But why in the world must they spend the entire two hours together once they get there? Sometimes I feel like I go to the gym at a dating service.

Guys and girls work out completely differently, they have different breaking points and ideally different strengths. However this doesn't seem to bother the doughy (and by doughy I mean Pillsbury) guys at my gym who make weak attempts at "helping their girls" work out. There are two specific couples at my gym that irk me. There is one pudgy guy who has a very thin girlfriend, he adjusts her treadmill and tells her she isn't running fast enough, which is ironic because he usually isn't even on a machine. There is another couple with the complete opposite problem. The male weighs about 105 lbs and attempts to show his lady how to lift weights, also ironic since I could probably lift more than him with my left hand.

My theory is that the need to be super "manly" and controlling these guys have probably stems from the fact that they cannot work out with the actual guys. Anyway I digress, I think gyms should be singles only...enough said.

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