Friday, February 13, 2009

HATE: Valentine's Day Tokens at Work

Ok so I will probably offend some of my co-workers with this post, but they will get over it because they know I love them! I despise Valentine's Day gifts at work. Unless your boyfriend lives in California and you in New York, and he has no means of seeing you on on Valentine's Day there is really no reason to send "tokens" to work. This has become epically bothersome to me this year as Valentine's Day doesn't even fall on a weekday, yet I am still bombarded by other people's gifts! What is the need to send flowers a day or more prior to the holiday to your girlfriend when you are seeing on the actual day and can physically give said flowers to her in person??!?! I'll tell you what the need it, it's to show off. You as a boyfriend want all her co-workers to ohhh and ahhh and say what a great boyfriend you are. If your real interest solely the sweet selfless gesture why wouldn't you send it to her house? or make her dinner? No, no you want the office fame. And I'm sure there are girls who are saying well you are just jealous you didn't get flowers, and I admit that is probably partly true. However, the next relationship I'm in I will be sure to specify that I want my flowers at home where they belong for me only!

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